Hydroponics in Malta

My Rooftop GardenMy Rooftop GardenHi, I am not really sure where I am going to take this site. Initially I am just planning to blog and document my small rooftop garden that I have here in Sliema.

There was a lot of shopping around and "making do" when building and setting up my systems, unfortunately here in Malta when you ask around about hydroponics you usually get a blank stare.

However we are somewhat lucky in some regards, PVC pipes/fittings are relatively cheap here compared to some countries and bulkhead fittings, irrigation pipes and fittings are also reasonably priced and easy to come across.

The biggest problem we face here in Malta is hydroponic fertilizers. Regular fertilizer you buy in garden centers and the farm co-ops is made for soil use and they either don't contain all the required micro-nutrients or they are at to low a concentration.

Hydroponic Swiss ChardHydroponic Swiss ChardThe good news is that we can buy every chemical required to make our own fertilizer, in fact there are a few places that sell chemicals to the public and some ingredients like magnesium sulphate (epsom salts) can be brought at most pharmacies.

I have quite a lot on my plate but feel free to contact me about anything related to hydroponics or where can you buy such and such in Malta until I have the time to get the information up on this site.